Monday, 18 March 2013

Martyn Collas kleeneze story

Martyn Collas kleeneze story

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Feeling insecure in my job as an Account Manager for a large IT group I decided to talk to my sister’s other half, Paul Tonkin about the Kleeneze business.

Upon realising the scope of this opportunity, and that it is possible to create an income from your own retail alone, I took the brave decision to resign from my job. Whilst working my notice period I started my Kleeneze business part time to start building a customer base.

In my first full time period I retailed over £3,300 by blanket dropping around 150 catalogues a day; I am now on my way to replacing my income and most importantly….I am in control!

I am looking forward to a successful future with Kleeneze and will also be focusing on the team building aspect of the business to help others take control of their futures too!

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