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Tony Webb and Denise Bolt kleeneze story

Tony Webb and Denise Bolt kleeneze story
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I joined Kleeneze in August 2012. The reason I joined was because of my family of three beautiful daughters and my partner Denise.

Denise's family lived 198 miles away and we did this trip once a month. The space in the car we drove was very little for our girls so we decided that next year we would get a bigger newer car. We needed to earn at least £400 per month and I already knew about the business as my brother has been involved for about 12 years.

We started with the business builder 250 and in our first four week period we earned £342. It quickly dawned on me that if we had more books we could earn more money so I reinvested the money and bought more books. Now at this time I was waiting for a property to sell which I had renovated so I had loads of time on my hands which I put into catalogue drops. Our second four weeks we earned £671 wow it was simple.

Again I bought more books and ended up with about 700 give or take a few. We had a couple of customers enquire about being distributors so with the help of our up line John Webb, ( my brother), we sponsored them into our team. It wasn't long before we recruited a couple more and it really dawned on us what an amazing business Kleeneze was.

At the start of period 13 John gave us a plan to follow in which would see us at gold distributor level if we followed it to the letter.

This became quite appealing to me as nobody in the team had achieved this in only 4 months of being in the business, so Denise and myself started dropping catalogues five/six times a week totalling 1250 books sometimes. We did this for four weeks and hit the coveted title of gold distributor.

Our cheque for four weeks work was an incredible £2860 we were hooked on the business even more.

We look forward to growing our business as we carry on with day to day living at a pace that suits our lifestyle.

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