Friday, 9 November 2012

kleeneze top psg period 12 week 2 2012

kleeneze top psg period 12 week 2 2012

P BLAXALL (C) (R) (UK) 11,053.45
A COLCLOUGH (C) (R) (UK) 9,579.35
T PAYNE (C) (R) (UK) 8,506.30
D PUSEY (C) (R) (UK) 7,897.24
K RIDER (C) (R) (UK) 6,873.22
J COTTON (R) (UK) 6,170.46
K LEE (C) (R) (UK) 6,127.23
S DAVIS (C) (R) (UK) 5,837.94
P VYAS (C) (R) (UK) 5,712.23
J GAVIN SCOTT (C) (R) (UK) 5,410.89
S HUMPHRIES (C) (R) (UK) 5,204.54
M Williams (C) (R) (UK) 5,049.39
P ROWE (C) (R) (UK) 4,970.16
D LONGWRIGHT (C) (R) (UK) 4,883.15
K YOUNG (C) (R) (UK) 4,850.11
B WEBB (C) (R) (UK) 4,839.47
S WALTON (C) (R) (UK) 4,806.07
P Allan (C) (R) (UK) 4,746.87
B WYNTER (C) (R) (UK) 4,705.75
D BOLE (C) (R) (UK) 4,646.36
S RUSHTON (C) (R) (UK) 4,513.10
J Roberts (C) (R) (UK) 4,494.93
I PARKER (C) (R) (UK) 4,307.42
J WEBB (C) (R) (UK) 4,303.25
T HODGE (C) (R) (UK) 4,255.61
S GREEN (C) (R) (UK) 4,247.20
L Cripps (C) (R) (UK) 4,199.45
S EYRES (C) (R) (UK) 4,156.95
A Fitzgerald (C) (R) (UK) 4,155.48
I Ball (R) (UK) 4,137.78
C TURNBULL (C) (R) (UK) 4,115.83
J PEULEVE (C) (R) (UK) 4,074.89
J TOPPLE (C) (R) (UK) 4,030.84
P DEAN (C) (R) (UK) 4,027.43
E MACKELDEN (C) (R) (UK) 3,984.82
H O NEIL (C) (R) (UK) 3,984.70
M MCGONAGLE (C) (R) (IRE) 3,896.53
J HALSALL (C) (R) (UK) 3,887.43
A WEBBER (C) (R) (UK) 3,879.53
D GERRY (C) (R) (UK) 3,876.12
A WALLACE (C) (R) (UK) 3,842.76
J CURTIS (C) (R) (UK) 3,831.75
S Ahmed (C) (R) (UK) 3,798.05
S DIVITO (C) (R) (UK) 3,743.59
L CANNINGS (C) (R) (UK) 3,739.83
S MATTHEWS (C) (R) (UK) 3,634.11
R TURNBULL (C) (R) (UK) 3,632.81
R DOLAN (C) (R) (UK) 3,629.72
K Keable (C) (R) (UK) 3,628.77
M WALKER (C) (R) (UK) 3,628.04
J DALE (C) (R) (UK) 3,614.52
C REA (C) (R) (UK) 3,609.89
T SHEEHAN (R) (UK) 3,582.90
A STEPHENSON (C) (R) (UK) 3,571.77
A Allgood (C) (R) (UK) 3,568.24
A FOUNTAINE (C) (R) (UK) 3,563.51
J SIDHU (C) (R) (UK) 3,550.32

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