Friday, 5 October 2012

kleeneze top psg period 11 week 1 2012

kleeneze top psg period 11 week 1 2012
D PUSEY (C) (R) (UK) 4,212.66
P BLAXALL (C) (R) (UK) 4,176.04
T PAYNE (C) (R) (UK) 4,139.30
T SHEEHAN (R) (UK) 3,874.37
J COTTON (R) (UK) 3,577.66
A BRADLEY (C) (R) (UK) 3,536.28
R FORSTER (C) (R) (UK) 3,220.18
A COLCLOUGH (C) (R) (UK) 3,159.63
K YOUNG (C) (R) (UK) 3,025.85
I Ball (R) (UK) 2,790.27
D LONGWRIGHT (C) (R) (UK) 2,752.07
K LEE (C) (R) (UK) 2,705.51
K RIDER (C) (R) (UK) 2,678.05
S HUMPHRIES (C) (R) (UK) 2,669.27
R TURNBULL (C) (R) (UK) 2,652.54
S RUSHTON (C) (R) (UK) 2,629.07
T HODGE (C) (R) (UK) 2,573.17
M MCCAUL (C) (R) (UK) 2,547.91
C BROWN (C) (R) (UK) 2,517.10
P MEIKLE (C) (R) (UK) 2,432.53
S WALTON (C) (R) (UK) 2,388.13
P Allan (C) (R) (UK) 2,363.64
B WYNTER (C) (R) (UK) 2,343.24
A FOUNTAINE (C) (R) (UK) 2,285.40
S DIVITO (C) (R) (UK) 2,270.72
M Rendle (C) (R) (UK) 2,252.34
I PARKER (C) (R) (UK) 2,220.25
P VYAS (C) (R) (UK) 2,214.34
M VIEIRA (C) (R) (UK) 2,153.94
A TITMUSS (C) (R) (UK) 2,136.66
R ROGERS (C) (R) (UK) 2,130.06
R GREEN (C) (R) (UK) 2,130.02
S ROPER (C) (R) (UK) 2,100.24
M LAWSON (C) (R) (UK) 2,095.01
J REES (C) (R) (UK) 2,064.74
S WILLIAMS (R) (UK) 2,048.87
H O NEIL (C) (R) (UK) 2,016.04
S BURRAS (C) (R) (UK) 2,015.65
M Williams (C) (R) (UK) 2,003.66
M TYLER (R) (UK) 2,002.16
L BENNETT (C) (R) (UK) 1,988.11
A WEBBER (C) (R) (UK) 1,953.71
S FORMBY (C) (R) (UK) 1,953.24
M WALKER (C) (R) (UK) 1,951.22
J MOUSLEY (C) (R) (UK) 1,925.46
B MITCHELL (C) (R) (UK) 1,922.30
S Ahmed (C) (R) (UK) 1,892.00
A NEEDHAM (C) (R) (UK) 1,891.95
S JOHNSON (C) (R) (UK) 1,890.93
P GALLANT (C) (R) (UK) 1,860.70
P NEESHAM (C) (R) (UK) 1,855.91
K MERGLER (C) (R) (UK) 1,848.48
P TONKIN (C) (R) (UK) 1,840.86
E MACKELDEN (C) (R) (UK) 1,811.94
J IRVING (C) (R) (UK) 1,785.69
J GAVIN SCOTT (C) (R) (UK) 1,779.85
D BLANSHARD (C) (R) (UK) 1,776.36
R KIRKLAND (C) (R) (UK) 1,776.13
P HAMMOND (C) (R) (UK) 1,760.98
G GOODGER (C) (R) (UK) 1,730.31
D BOLE (C) (R) (UK) 1,728.63
A FAWCETT (R) (UK) 1,719.48
K Hall (C) (R) (UK) 1,688.66
H ALLGOOD (C) (R) (UK) 1,680.61
P ABRAHAMS (C) (R) (UK) 1,670.55
I RUSSELL (C) (R) (UK) 1,668.39
J WEBB (C) (R) (UK) 1,662.94
M CAMPBELL (C) (R) (UK) 1,662.44
A MELANEPHY (R) (IRE) 1,656.26
A Fitzgerald (C) (R) (UK) 1,654.81
J SIDHU (C) (R) (UK) 1,651.99
S EYRES (C) (R) (UK) 1,650.20
M CUNNINGHAM (C) (R) (UK) 1,644.27
J MASON (C) (R) (UK) 1,640.57
J Roberts (C) (R) (UK) 1,628.19
P DEAN (C) (R) (UK) 1,613.03
K ANDERSON (C) (R) (UK) 1,609.69
J CURTIS (C) (R) (UK) 1,608.02
L DAVIES (C) (R) (UK) 1,594.55
A BEAL (C) (R) (UK) 1,561.80
A Allgood (C) (R) (UK) 1,559.40
M AIREY (C) (R) (UK) 1,546.34
J ELLIS (C) (R) (UK) 1,544.60
J HALSALL (C) (R) (UK) 1,520.72
D POTTER (C) (R) (UK) 1,514.56

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