Tuesday, 26 June 2012

eczema treatment how to get rid of it forever

eczema treatment how to get rid of it forever

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One of my friends purchased the Manuka WonderRub as she already knew about the healing properties of Manuka honey . Recently she had a fall from her horse and suffered cuts & bruises.

She told me that she’d used the Manuka WonderRub on her wounds and it practically healed in front of her eyes. I thought her claims seemed a bit far fetched .

With this in mind, I asked my husband Tony to use it on his psoriasis and as he was working away, gave him a tube to take with him and I took a picture of his leg on the Sunday evening before he left, when he returned on the Friday I took another picture, the results were quite dramatic considering Tony had only applied it once a day for 4 days.



However, the main reason for this testimony is what happened to Tony on the Tuesday. He had jumped from scaffolding on to an upturned 2 inch nail, which, with the impact, hit the bone in his foot.

It bled like crazy when he pulled it out with a claw hammer, he told me all this when he phoned me, as he does every evening.

I told him that he should’ve gone to the hospital, but he said he’d washed it with boiled water as hot as he could bear & also he couldn’t afford to take time off the job. The next evening, when he called,

Tony asked me about the Manuka WonderRub which I’d given him for his psoriasis, he said:

"You know that cream you gave me, it’s meant to have healing properties isn’t it?"

He told me that he’d packed some Manuka WonderRub into the hole in his foot the previous night. He said it throbbed like mad as he tried to sleep, but when he got up the next morning, it had completely healed, just a small scab & no pain at all!

We were both absolutely amazed, this stuff really does work! Who would have believed that anyone could suffer an injury this serious & have it healed overnight by a product from our Kleeneze catalogue.

Everyone should have this amazing Manuka WonderRub in their first aid cabinet and tell everyone about it!

so that is "eczema treatment how to get rid of it forever"