Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dave and Louise Wilson kleeneze story

Dave and Louise Wilson kleeneze story

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Louise prior to joining Kleeneze worked at Yeovil Hospital part time as a cleaner before leaving to have our twin girls Izabelle and Jazmin.

I used to work abroad as a personal bodyguard before returning home and taking a job at Robert Wiseman’s Dairies

On the 1st September 2011 Louise joined Kleeneze, we were struggling financially with new born twin girls and basically joined Kleeneze to get some extra money (£50 a week)

Louise signed up on the break free package and received her 5 free catalogues. After presenting them to friends and family she had achieved her first target £150 of orders inside the first 18 days.

Shortly after, we received the first free box of 25 catalogues. These were quickly packed up and dispatched out up and down our road. From the 30 books we put out we got no orders!

Louise packed them all up again and put them out at the next 30 houses.

Unfortunately after putting them out Louise received news that her Nan had passed away. The funeral arrangements were made and it was for the day after Louise had put her books out for collection. Due to some error the date got changed and it ended up the day that the books needed collecting in.

Louise was leaving at 6am to go to Wales and I was left with the twins and the books to collect in.

Off we went with the pram collecting in books, we found our first order in the second book and from that point on we have not stopped delivering and collecting books every other day.

The first full period we completed we hit the Rapid Start Bonus 5 times and reached 13% bonus level, for hitting the bonus 5 times we received 125 free books from Kleeneze. ( Thank you

3 months after getting our first cheque we decided to go into Kleeneze full time, I left my full time job and we decided to go for it! Risky, Yes but you don’t succeed in life by waiting.

Louise packs the catalogues up and has her own round, I cover all the other rounds we have built up. We also introduce people into the business to do what we do. Kleeneze works and is so easy to do around the family life. No other job could possible give us the flexibility of having 5 children and being able to spend quality time with them and earning more from part time hours than we received when working full time.

We now have the foundations of a very successful business and we have now become Gold Distributors in the Kleeneze Business.

From earning £481.81 in Oct 2011 our cheque for May 2012 was £2054.56 Where else can you multiply your pay cheque by 4 inside 7 months?

The Kleeneze opportunity gives us the flexibility to work the hours we want to and to spend quality time with the family when we want to.

Anyone can join the Kleeneze team and work the hours they want to, be it as a second job or a part time job or work full time in the Kleeneze Business.

Kleeneze has certainly changed our lives for the better and given us a completely New Life Style.

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