Wednesday, 15 February 2012

nadine ward kleeneze party plan update

Hello ! Illustrious Leaders

The last of our ezeparty roadshows is now complete - having seen almost 4 times the number of people we expected

the best is yet to come as distributors register for their kit { remember they can have it from credit on their account for £130 or £99 cash }

Now the work begins as we train everyone to be successful and to introduce their first ezeparty distributors enabling everyone to get an increase in income

We are already into the 1,000 + parties booked and with everyone introducing 1 2 and 3 new distributors we will soon be into 5 figures

Our next round of support is to combine an evening of Induction Training for new distributors with a Train the Trainer event so that going forward every downline can hold regular Party Plan Induction training

Please could you let me know who your representative will be so that I can ensure all areas are covered

Please encourage all your potential trainers to bring at least one prospect the trainings below :

All events 7pm - 10pm

Leeds - Quality Inn - 15th

Newcastle - Marriot – Gosforth Park 20th

Scotland - Inchyra Grange - Falkirk 23rd
Warwick 27th

Bristol 28th

Maidstone 5th March

The great news is ezeparty is being so well received by the network and customer base and now is the time to share this amazing opportunity with those many 000's of people who for one reason or another did not previously join our amazing business.

Kleeneze and its career plan is still the industry's best kept secret

We are hearing of people both booking parties and recruiting customers when making deliveries, making the best use of their time by asking

"do they know anyone who may like to earn some extra cash ? - the company has just launched an exciting new ezeparty programme and to help with demand we are looking for new distributors"

Once you have the interest you can either take them along to one of my trainings or go through the ezeparty opportunity brochure, send them the sign-up link (no charge is made at this point) and once they have booked their initial 3 parties they should go onto the party order site - add the three party details and pay for the kit.

REMEMBER is is still £99 until month end for both distributors and new recruits

Looking forward to seeing you at an event in the very near future

Do let me know whether you would be interested in having a training event for your business to and how many people you would envisage coming

thank you for your support and interest

Best Wishes
Nadine x

Nadine L Ward

Business Development Manager