Monday, 11 April 2011

Dean and Flora Copson kleeneze testimonial

Dean and Flora Copson kleeneze testimonial

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Our Kleeneze journey started in August 2007 after our car was carded in a Tesco Car Park and we completed our details on the website. We had thought about doing something in the evenings to get us from in front of the TV.

Although we both have good jobs we still had a certain amount of debts and if we wanted to go on holiday we really had to pull in our belts. In our first period we had retailed ourselves to 13 % and a cheque for £429.

We have steadily built up our team whilst working over 100 hours a week between us in very demanding roles and bringing up our daughter Anna who has very much been a part of the Kleeneze team.

Anna has delivered catalogues, processed and delivered orders and attended training sessions and is very willing to tell people how great this business is.

The income we have got from Kleeneze has also enabled us to take Anna to Disneyland in Orlando in 2010 for her 10th birthday.

This was a fantastic trip and has really inspired us to get to New York.

We have now qualified as Gold Distributors and are now in qualification for New York. Our focus now is to support our great team in achieving their goals in 2011.

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