Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Katy Davies and Ryan Willows kleeneze testimonail

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Cynthia Hayes takes up the story as I passed their details on to her as I was about to leave the country for 2 weeks in Jamaica:

"You asked for information about our Break Free distributors Katy Davies and Ryan Willows and how we have set them up over their first 3 weeks. They have already reached sales of £793.26 and have another £100 of orders waiting to go on plus they picked up £413 on the Monday after the Millionaires.

Katy is 23 and Ryan is 26. They have 2 children at home aged 2 yrs and 9 months living with them. At the weekends they have another 3 very young children for weekend contact. So 5 youngsters at weekends! Ryan is a tiler but hadn't had any work all December.

Katy and Ryan registered on Weds 12th Jan as Break Free Distributors after 5 years of contact about Kleeneze. I sent them a Welcome email letter asking to make an appointment to see them when they received their business kit + 5 catalogues.

They live about 4 miles away from me. As their Business kit arrived on the Friday Cynthia went to their house for the 1st time on Sat 15th Jan with another ready made 10 catalogue sets.

As a Break Free distributor in mind I advised them on "Presenting" the catalogues. I showed them how the catalogues are made up and discussed the basics of retailing.

When Katy mentioned they didn't have a printer I arranged to visit again the next day with printed Master slips of Dayslips, Call Back slips, Thank You slips and Deliver Products slips for them to photocopy.

I got a good vibe from them on the 1st visit so decided to take around another 140 old Autumn/Winter catalogue sets as a freebie. I had to clarify the prices in the older books had increased + they'd have to honour the lower prices to the customers but they were more than pleased with the extra books.

As they were now working with more books I discussed "Blanket dropping" with them and advised them to relabel all the old books. I gave them round books with a photocopied example of a page detailing how to use symbols in round books and asked them to order more catalogue labels.

They don't have a pc so we checked if they could access Kleeneze via Katys iphone and they could ! They put all the books out on Mon 17th with a Weds dayslip. I asked them to contact me when they had £75 of orders.

In the interim I emailed them asking them to join Gavin Scott's email loop and all the other Leaders email loops below him. I emailed them our own "Hints and Tips of Retailing" sheet and asked them to email or post their photos to Kleeneze.

Katy + Ryan picked up their 1st drop of books on Weds 19th and immediately turned them around that day for Friday pick up. We had text or phone contact everyday.They'd collected £159 of orders! I invited them around to my house on Sat 22nd Jan to show them how to place their 1st order on a normal pc sized screen.

I had to pick them up as they had no transport and whilst I showed them how to place their order my 15yr old daughter played with their 2 children! She loved it! We took this opportunity to explore the Kleeneze Ordering site and DSA.

Their 1st order qualified them for another 5 books for reaching £75 and 25 books for reaching £150 . Katy and Ryan were well pleased!

We arranged to meet up on Wed 26th when their goods arrived. I took around white carrier bags and a stapler and helped Katy pack up their orders.

We discussed keeping customer pink copies of orders in case of refunds. We checked that the orders added up correctly, were all dated and she wrote up a delivery sheet detailing the orders in a logical delivery sequence.

I advised on a float and how to deliver products - good customer service etc. Also what to do with the cash and cheques from deliveries. I showed them an example Invoice confirming the Retail profit figure being the only money they can keep and went through running their account correctly.

They were still picking up more orders but couldn't put them on until the 1st £126 had been paid back to Kleeneze. They did their 1st deliveries that evening and paid the required cash into the bank the next day. This fantastic start qualified Katy + Ryan for a £500 credit limit, an Eezereach account and a mykleeneze . com website plus the ability to order sales aids. I'd already sent them a email detailing all the Sales Aids they could order with codes. I'd also Welcomed them as new distributors on my Weekly Team Bulletin.

These guys were so fired up by now they'd already picked up another £217 of orders and had sent them online via their iphone! This order actually went on stop for 2 days as they hadn't turned around their 1st orders. They were collecting books in the morning and getting them back out in the afternoon three times a week. On Fri 28th they sent their 3rd order for £151. That's £527 of orders in 11 days !

In the meantime, their 2 yr old broke his arm resulting in numerous hospital visits. On Sat 29th Katy and Ryan came with me to a Business Builders meeting at our uplines Alison & Michael Ogden's house half an hours drive away. I gave them a warm list and advised them to write out as many names as they could from the list to contact about Kleeneze.

We discussed many aspects of sponsoring activities with Michael. Katy also joined the Official Kleeneze facebook page and had set up her own Kleeneze facebook page and was sending positive comments down.

On Mon 31st Jan I went around to Katy and Ryans house with some more printed Dayslips as they couldn't get to town to photocopy theirs and set them up on their new Eezereach Voicemail system. I 'd emailed them about our Bids Website for printing and had also emailed a "Returns Procedure" sheet which I set up for my team.

Yesterday Ryan successfully signed up his sister Rachael Willows into their team as a Break Free distributor. She is local as well so I will start setting her up the same as Katy and Ryan! All three of them are joining me at the London Millionaires on Sunday so Katy and Ryan will be able to collect their 10% Bonus certificate.

So far these guys have been a great Break Free success story, but they know this is only the beginning and they've only just started to build a customer base. They've also now got to support their new team member to some extent. However I don't think either of these will be a challenge for them .

Obviously this level of support isn't so easy if your new distributor isn't local but most things detailed above can still be actioned over the phone or online"

After the Millionaires, Ryan picked up another £413 in orders, so they are well on the way to 13% in their first period.

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