Sunday, 31 October 2010

sharon finegan kleeneze story

Sharon Finegan

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I started kleeneze a year ago, needing to make an extra £200 a month to pay the increase in my mortgage. Working full time and travelling long distances I had very little time, over time was already part of my normal day.

When I was shown the Kleeneze opportunity I new I could do this straight a way, around my already busy life. It was so easy and simple to do, with no selling involved.

In my first two weeks I managed to make a profit of £226.25 and in the next full four weeks I managed to bring in £457.46 profit. In my first six weeks I had smashed my goal of £200 and made a whopping £683.71.

All I had to do is drop the catalogues locally and pick them up again.

I did this twice a week in the evenings after work and delivered the products at the weekend. I met lots of people in my village who are very good customers and have become friends. The exercise in the fresh air is brilliant after a hard days work, which made me fitter and healthier with out the expense of the gym.

One year on and I no longer work for somebody else; I have a strong foundation for a growing business that is getting stronger by the day.

I have met some fantastic people who have helped and guided me on the path of a better future.

To make things change you have to do something different, let us help you build a Kleeneze career and make a lot of money.

If you are looking at the kleeneze opportunity for your own reasons then please look very carefully because it could change yours for the better too!