Monday, 18 May 2009

kleeneze john greenwood story

I arrived back in England from New Zealand in July 2001 and I was looking forward to enjoying my retirement. I soon discovered that this was not to be as my pension of £74 per week was not enough to live off and meant that my savings were being used up fast. I decided I needed to find something to supplement my pension and fortunately I was introduced to Kleeneze.I now earn over £1,000 per month on a part time basis. I work from home with no fixed hours or pressure on my time. Since I joined the business I have made lots of new friends of all ages.This opportunity is suitable for anyone from pensioners to students, housewives to businessmen.
here is a picture of john
successful home business, like kleeneze work if you follow the succesfullsystem put in place and give a good few years to develope the network below, the customers base can be build over the first 6 months
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