Wednesday, 19 November 2008

kleeneze louise sims

My name is Lou Sims, and here I am pictured with my lovely little girl, Jill. I am a Gold distributor and have the start of a great team which is steadily growing and we call ourselves The Shining Stars! We are part of The Pole Position Group lead by Andy Stephenson and Claire Branch. I am disabled on my left side as a result of a whooping cough jab going wrong when I was 6 months old. Consequently, I have limited use of my left hand and arm, leg and foot and walk with a limp. I have to take care with my walking as I have been prone to tripping up and falling over in the past. I am also a widow, (my husband was tragically murdered on November 13th 2003 when our daughter was just 10 months old), and am now a mum of our beautiful 5 year old daughter, Jill. I work my Kleeneze business on a full time basis around my daughter where ever possible, however if I need to still work when she is not at school etc, then she comes with me and that is how we get it done. I have managed to maintain our independence, both financially and practically day to day. Aside from having my daughter, this has been one of my greatest achievements, certainly following my husband’s death. My daughter and keeping the mortgage paid on our home are my two biggest motivators to keep going through thick and thin. I want to emphasise that Kleeneze is a business for EVERYONE, including those with disabilities . It is an individual’s attitude and determination and persistence which will make the difference to the success of their business. During the first 8 weeks of the Kleeneze Christmas season this year, I retailed in excess of 10000 BP, earning myself over £5200. I have achieved this by going to my customer base, actioning more blanket drops and also doing party plan. My highest party to date this year is £654. The beauty of party plan with disability specifically in mind is that I am generating orders without stretching myself physically and then I deliver all the orders collated to just one home, that of the hostess who then distributes them to her friends. My goals for this year and next are dynamic and exciting and I BELIEVE achievable. This is what is so special about this business. There is no discrimination, no limits placed on you, no one saying you “can’t do this”. As I am beginning to realise, WHATEVER your circumstances, you CAN – IF you want to!